Vince Dynamic – “Time To Let You Go”

Had an email in my inbox today form a guy named Chris Tanner of the Michigan indie pop band Vince Dynamic.  They recently released a video for their track “Time To Let You Go,” off their Those Fears EP.

While the video is filled with clips of the band hanging out with their friends shooting fireworks, “Time To Let You Go,” is a very laid back affair.  With some great instrumentation to kick it off, including some toy piano and some sort of toy slide whistle, the track has some great pop sensibility.  It’s the perfect song for a drive home, with a haunting guitar riff taking over after a mid-point key change, and it’s lament to having to let someone go.

The band is working on a full length album, which should be coming out soon.  With the promise of “Time To Let You Go,” I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

Check out the video and the track below, and make sure to stop by Vince Dynamic’s webpage right here, or get a name your own price of the EP here.


Teen Daze – “The Heart of God”

I know I’ve posted a lot of Teen Daze on here, but with his upcoming new release due out in less then two weeks I thought I’d share one more.

Teen Daze has been a busy man, weekly releasing tracks off his newest LP titled The Inner Mansions.  I for one can’t wait for the new album, and it’s been great getting to listen to it in pieces on his Soundcloud page.  The most recent track released is called “The Heart of God,” and it continues with a lot of the down-tempo, ambient stuff that Teen Daze has been shifting to as of late.  Much in the vein of some other ambient artists like Godspeed You Black Emperor.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there have been a lot of searches on the web for “Christian Chillwave,” or “Is Teen Daze Christian?”  Now, I don’t have the answer to if Teen Daze is Christian, and I’m not sure about Christian Chillwave.  What I do know is that God has created us in our image, and we are living in a world filled with his beauty.  We as humans are constantly trying to connect with the beauty around us, and I think that’s where worship begins.  Music is one way, that we as humans can relate to this amazing gift of creation.  Expressing this beauty through musical notes and sounds that point back to the creator.  So if music reminds us that we are surrounded by an amazing God, and brings us closer to him then yeah…maybe it is Christian Chillwave/Electronic/Whatever type of music it is.

As for Teen Daze, “The Heart of God,” is a beautiful song and when I listen to it I can’t help but think of our Creator.  His relationship with God is his own personal issue, not a reason why I pick up his albums.  With that in mind, check out the track below.

Indian Wells – “South Beach”

This morning I was driving on my way to work, when I opened up my Recently Added Playlist on my iPod.  I found quite the gem in the form of a track from Italian producer Indian Wells off his Bad Panda Records Release Night Drops.

The track is called “South Beach,” and while it definitely has a laid back vibe to it, it’s not all bright lights and what you’d typically think of with regards to Miami.  Instead, it starts off with some trip-hop bleeps leading into some beautiful chords played via synthesizer.

Perfect way to start off a Friday morning free of stress, with whatever the upcoming weekend may bring.

Un.Think – “Random Makes Sense”

I was super excited that the Portuguese electronic outfit of Un.Think had released a new track today.  It’s called “Random Makes Sense,” and it’s a little different from the other tracks they’ve released via their Soundcloud account.

“Random Make Sense,” is exactly that.  With a few different time signatures thrown into the middle of an synth vibe, with some almost funk-like guitar type sound.  Not as laid back as some of their other stuff, but totally enjoyable.

I’m really hoping that Un.Think has an EP coming out soon, or at least the ability to download some of their tracks.  I would the ability to listen to this song in my car.  Until then, I can at least listen to it on Soundcloud.

Slow Magic – “Corvette Cassette”

If you’re like me, then you just can’t get enough chillwave.  As I delve deeper and deeper into the genre I keep finding more treasures.  When I was in college, I would not have thought that I would have liked electronic music this much.  I guess it’s the changing of the times.

The track I found today is from Slow Magic, and it’s called “Corvette Cassette.”  I’m guessing it’s some type of play on the double t.  Regardless of wordplay, it’s a sublime track.  Off the album known simply as a triangle.  You can download it off of the Slow Magic Bandcamp page.  With a simple vocal sample over some drenched synths, and a perfect piano breakdown, this is what chill wave is all about.  A nice upbeat tone that just makes you want to bounce right along with it.  This is a great Friday night track to get your weekend kicked off right.  Enjoy!

Freelance Whales – “Spitting Image”

This sure was a busy week of releases in the world of indie music.  With the releases of Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis and Tame Impala just to name a few.  It was such a busy week that I totally overlooked the release of the new Freelance Whales album Diluvia.

These guys are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands, after their last album Weathervanes.  Even though I jumped on the bus a little bit late, it shouldn’t take anything away from how talented Freelance Whales really are.

Residing in Queens, Freelance Whales proved they could mesh folk music with electronic music in a way that doesn’t take away from either genre.  Not sounding corny, and without anything feeling out of place.

This trend continues on the track “Spitting Image.”  It’s Freelance Whales, but sounds a little more developed and focused than anything off their last album.  Some great acoustic guitar kicks off the track, and builds into a lush chamber-pop landscape.

And, you can download the track for free.  Just make sure you download the album!

Duke City Marathon Training Playlist

This past Sunday I recorded my last long-distance run before the Duke City Marathon.  While it might have been the longest 3 hours of my life, there were definitely some highlights.

A. Watching the hot air balloons take off from Balloon Fiesta Park

B. Knowing that I’ve stuck with my training, and that my wife and son were proud of me

C. 3 hours of quality music

Below I’ve listed some of my favorite that I’ve been jamming to on my runs the last few months.  Enjoy!