Ecovillage – “Before We Knew The Cross”

I came across a new band today called Ecovillage.  They are two from Sweden, and are really making some interesting music.  Filled with some shoegaze and chillwave elements mixed with a little bit of Animal Collective their track “Before We Knew The Cross” really has a lot going on.   The chorus really has some beautiful elements to it, making me come back to it over and over again.  I don’t know if it’s that little bit of a sad element to it with the lyrics,or the guitar chords swirling around in the background.  Regardless these guys are worth checking out.


Mmoths – “Thnx”

The last few weeks I have been giving the Mmoths self-titled EP some heavy listening.  There is just something about the EP that keeps me coming back, especially the track titled “Thnx.”  It doesn’t matter if it’s in my car (as long as my son isn’t riding with me, all he wants to listen to is the Wreck It Ralph soundtrack.  This is an upgrade from the Barney CD he was jamming previous), or with my headphones as I’m getting stuff done at work.

Currently my wife and I are anxiously waiting the arrival of our second child.  With the due date fast approaching on the 30th, not knowing the gender of the baby, chasing down my 3 year old son, and wondering how the new baby is going to affect our family dynamics has kept things moving crazy fast in my life.  This has left me desperate for just a few quiet moments that have been enhanced by listening to “Thnx.”  There is nothing like some ethereal electronic music to give your head the space it needs, and help slow things down.  Even if it’s only for a few minutes.


Sun Glitters – “Tight”

Just a quick lunch time post.  As I was sitting here looking through the new uploads on Soundcloud I came across a new Sun Glitters track.  As per usual, it got me incredibly excited, as I’m always interested to see what Sun Glitters is up to.  Especially when he’s in the midst of his Lefse 7″ series.

The track is called “Tight,” which I think is intersting because the song seems kind of the opposite.  Drenched in synth, and sounding like it’s coming in one ear and out the other, I kind of feel like I’m floating.  Making me double check that my feet really are on the ground, and I mean that in the best possible way.

Make sure to check out this track, and go download the pre-order here.


Parish of Little Clifton – “Winter Takes Hold”

It’s been almost a week since I’ve shared a track that wasn’t a Christmas song, but I came across a brand new track I just had to share.

It’s from Vancouver producer Simon Bridgefoot, who goes by the name Parish of Little Clifton, and the title of the track is “Winter Takes Hold.”  It’s the perfect track as we get closer to winter solstice, and it’s get’s colder and bleaker outside.  With it’s ambient type start as it fades into a danceable groove, this is a fun track.  Something to keep you warm on the inside as the days get shorter and shorter.  Just as the track fades into the oblivion, followed up with some more ambient droning.

This was a super nice surprise on a cold winter day, thanks Parish of Little Clifton.



Post-Thanksgiving Playlist

The turkey and pumpkin pie have been eaten.  Leftovers of aforementioned food items have been eaten.  You have no desire to brave the mall or big box stores.  What you’re in need of is a chilled out post-Thanksgiving playlist.  A chance to remember what you’re thankful, but most importantly to let your food digest.  Enjoy, and relax!

Teen Daze – “The Heart of God”

I know I’ve posted a lot of Teen Daze on here, but with his upcoming new release due out in less then two weeks I thought I’d share one more.

Teen Daze has been a busy man, weekly releasing tracks off his newest LP titled The Inner Mansions.  I for one can’t wait for the new album, and it’s been great getting to listen to it in pieces on his Soundcloud page.  The most recent track released is called “The Heart of God,” and it continues with a lot of the down-tempo, ambient stuff that Teen Daze has been shifting to as of late.  Much in the vein of some other ambient artists like Godspeed You Black Emperor.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there have been a lot of searches on the web for “Christian Chillwave,” or “Is Teen Daze Christian?”  Now, I don’t have the answer to if Teen Daze is Christian, and I’m not sure about Christian Chillwave.  What I do know is that God has created us in our image, and we are living in a world filled with his beauty.  We as humans are constantly trying to connect with the beauty around us, and I think that’s where worship begins.  Music is one way, that we as humans can relate to this amazing gift of creation.  Expressing this beauty through musical notes and sounds that point back to the creator.  So if music reminds us that we are surrounded by an amazing God, and brings us closer to him then yeah…maybe it is Christian Chillwave/Electronic/Whatever type of music it is.

As for Teen Daze, “The Heart of God,” is a beautiful song and when I listen to it I can’t help but think of our Creator.  His relationship with God is his own personal issue, not a reason why I pick up his albums.  With that in mind, check out the track below.

Indian Wells – “South Beach”

This morning I was driving on my way to work, when I opened up my Recently Added Playlist on my iPod.  I found quite the gem in the form of a track from Italian producer Indian Wells off his Bad Panda Records Release Night Drops.

The track is called “South Beach,” and while it definitely has a laid back vibe to it, it’s not all bright lights and what you’d typically think of with regards to Miami.  Instead, it starts off with some trip-hop bleeps leading into some beautiful chords played via synthesizer.

Perfect way to start off a Friday morning free of stress, with whatever the upcoming weekend may bring.