Hoszia Hinds – “Can’t Live Without You”

So I know that I’ve never featured any reggae on the site, but there is definitely a first time for everything.

I came across an artist named Hoszia Hinds, who is making an art of combining his love for God with a love for island music.    Being a minister from the island of Barbados has definitely had an impact on his vision of worship.  Not to mention his relationship with Christ, and his service to him.

The single off his first EP is called “Can’t Live Without You,” and is an outpouring to God.  He shares his dependence on God, and how God is responsible for everything in his life.  All set to a super chilled out island vibe.  It’s definitely cool seeing people worship Christ in their own personal flavors, instead of boxing God into my own idea of worship.

This track is worth checking out, and I look forward on seeing all that Hoszia accomplishes through Christ.

Hoszia Hinds


Ascend the Hill – “The Fall”

The last few days I have rediscovered how the great Ascend the Hill’s self-titled album is.  I also have a new favorite track off the album.

It’s this beautiful acoustic track entitled, “The Fall.”  You can just really hear the passion and plea in how the lyrics are sung, as the lead singer finds himself at Jesus’ feet.  Simply unable to continue on their own, and desperate for an encounter for God.

How often we find ourselves at the end of our ropes, unable to go through life on our own.  Thankfully, we don’t need to do it on our own.  In fact, we are supposed to do it relying upon God.

Thanks for reminding me of this ever important truth Ascend the Hill.

Top 5 Albums of 2012

Now that Christmas is over I thought I’d finally get around to putting together a Best of 2012 list.  This is my top 5 albums, in no particular order.  I also picked one of my favorite tracks from each respective album.  These five have been on heavy rotation for me much of the year, in a year filled with some great releases.  Hope you enjoy!

Tanlines – Mixed Emotions

Japandroids – Celebration Rock

Loud Harp – Self Titled

Teen Daze – The Inner Mansions

Beach House – Bloom

25 Days of Christmas, Day 23

Another version of “Silent Night.”  Today it’s from master of chill wave Teendaze.  This kind of reminds me of his song “Harvest,” lush with lot’s of beautiful synth, but nothing to make this sound artificial.  Still holds true to the meaning of the song, focusing on the beauty of Christmas.  And it’s a free download, Merry Christmas Teendaze.

25 Days of Christmas, Day 17

I know that I have already posted a version of “O Emmanuel O Emmanuel,” but this version is so good I just had to include it in the 25 Days of Christmas.

It’s by one of my favorite Come & Live artists Dave Swanson, who goes by the pseudonym The Frozen Ocean.  Equal parts modern rock and classic hymn, this version does a great job shifting between musical styles through the song.  This track is sure to remind us that God really is with us, and how amazing that fact really is.


25 Days of Christmas, Day 1

With the beginning of December comes my favorite time of year, the holiday season.  I just love Christmas time.  I’m not sure if it’s the Christmas trees, Christmas lights, or the holiday spirit.  Mostly I think it’s how amazing it is know that Christmas is a time of celebrating the amazing sacrifice of love and selflessness that God showed when Jesus was born on earth.

One thing I haven’t been crazy about this time of year has been Christmas music.  Much of it is the same old recycled stuff from generations.  So this year I’ve decided to compile a list of 25 modern and relevant Christmas tunes, one for each day of December leading up to Christmas with a bit of an indie emphasis.  I hope you enjoy coming with me on this journey, and hopefully it points you towards what the season is truly all about and some awesome new music.

For my first selection I have picked the song “O Holy Night” from Kings Kaleidoscope off their album Joy Has Dawned.  It’s a super fresh take on a beautiful song, with a bit of a laid back Shawn McDonald vibe to it.  I really enjoy the softly played piano, and the build towards the end adding some strings and horns.  It’s really great stuff.



The Modern Post – “Before the Throne”

If you’re looking for some worship tinged with some modern rock, then The Modern Post is a band you need to check out.

The Modern Post have an EP released via Mars Hill Church’s record label entitled Grace Alone, and it definitely delivers.  While they are definitely inspired by 90’s guitar driven rock.  As shown by their track “Before the Throne.”  Filled with plenty of drum fills and guitar riffs, and led by former Thrice front-man Dustin Kensrue.  While this isn’t Thrice, there is plenty to enjoy!

The Modern Post also find themselves equally inspired by the love of God, worshiping God with their own unique musical taste.  It’s certainly refreshing to hear about God’s love in a more relevant musical context, with some hymnal type lyrics.  Check out this EP, you won’t be disappointed.