Anberlin- “Dismantle. Repair”

For today’s post I decided to go back a few years in time.  I know that Anberlin has put out two killer albums since releasing Cities, and even has another album in the works.  However, to me Cities is still THE album.  It came out in a time of my life when I really needed it.

My friend Chris had passed away not to long after the album came out serving God on a missions trip in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Before he died this was his favorite album, and this was the album that helped me to deal with his loss.

I was listening to it the other night, and came across my favorite track, “Dismantle.  Repair.”  Such an amazing song with it’s emphasis on how God desires to repair us, and “save us from ourselves.”  Musically it carries just enough tension between heavy and calm, as the band takes the listener from the verse with some simple light guitar work into the chorus.  Picking up the song with an aggresive guitar riff that plays against Stephen Christian’s pleading with God.  By the end, you can’t help but rock out with the band and promptly pressing the repeat track button on your ipod.

As I look back five years this month since Chris passed, thanks Anberlin for helping through that difficult time, and helping me to see God through all things.  Even tragedy.


Kye Kye – “Sleeper”

Today I am officially 9 days into my 30 day challenge, and found myself desperate to listen to some electronic music.  Thankfully, there really are some amazing Christian artists doing some cool stuff in the electronic genre. One group that I found (they happened to be the featured artist on Come&Live yesterday) is doing exactly that.

Kye Kye is comprised of a 3 siblings and a brother-in-law from Camas, WA.  Making smart electronic music consisting of various levels of sounds including guitars, synthesizers, and voice.  The result of all of these different things coming together is their album Young Love.

The track “Sleeper” is definitely one that sticks out to me, with the ending to the second verse stating, “No matter what was done you are always loved.”  With some great keyboard riffs picking up the track towards the end, reminiscent of a Coldplay.  “Sleeper” ends up somewhere between pop and ambient, and leaves me wanting to listen to it over and over again.

Even better is the message of the band.  Their website states:

“Certain things happen in a persons life that are a result of an intimate relationship with God through Christ. One of those things is the desire to spread the good news of the Kingdom of God. As this relationship grows a second set of desires tends to rise up in your heart. This desire is designed and tailored to you and grows for the very purpose of supporting the desire to pour out the gospel from within you.”

Got me thinking that maybe sharing music is the gospel pouring out of me.

Kristian Stanfill – “Not Ashamed”

I know it has been a few days since I’ve post, but I’ve had a busy weekend. I was serving at my Sagebrush Church this weekend leading a group of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys during DNow. Our big weekend filled with messages, games, and some amazing worship.

Over the weekend, the worship team played some great worship songs.  One of my favorites was this song by Kristian Stanfill off of the new Passion album White Flag.  With some rocking electric guitar riffs, and Stanfill doing what he does best.  Worshiping God.  I especially love the end when he sings, “We’ll be that city on a hill burning brightly, we’ll be a light to the world shining your glory.”

And now I will finally get some sleep, in my own bed, without the racket of 12 middle school boys.  Thanks for a great weekend Sagebrush Middle and High School students and pastors.

The Frozen Ocean – “Ghosts”

I am now on day three of my 30 day challenge of listening to only Christian music.  I have to say that it is starting to get easier.  One band that is making it that much easier is The Frozen Ocean.

The Frozen Ocean is David Swanson from Hartford, Connecticut, and Swanson truly has an ear for crafting a song.  Using just enough elements of folk, ambient, and electronic, “Ghosts” is the perfect showcase for his talent.  With a drum track reminiscent of fireworks, with some haunting piano this is definitely a highlight off of the album S/T.

Even better is the message that The Frozen Ocean incorporates into all of their albums of God’s grace, while following the exploits of explorer Henry Hudson.  Another great example of a Christian artist who can still be artistic, while remaining faithful to his calling.Cover for the album S/T

Home is Calling – “Hiding Place”

I was browsing on one of my favorite website the other day, and I came across Home is Calling.

They are what you might call an alternative worship band from the city of Boston (as a Sox fan I might be already a little impartial to them).  All of their songs honor God and everything that he is, but do so in a much more interesting, relevant way than most contemporary CCM or worship artists .

The single “Hiding Place” is a mid tempo rocker, reminding me a little bit of some mid 90’s emo a la Mineral or Open Hand.  Using some great electric guitar licks, and a heartfelt plea for God make this a great tune that has been playing non-stop on my iPod.

I would love for these guys to come play at my church (Sagebrush Riverside in Albuquerque, NM), just so I could see their passion for Jesus in passion.  Check out so you can download their album for free and spread the news and check out their website.

Twenty One Pilots – “Guns for Hands”

I was driving home today during day 1 of the 30 day challenge and heard this song on my local Christian radio station (Static Radio).

The band is Twenty One Pilots from Columbus, Ohio, and their song “Guns for Hands” off of their newest album entitled Regional at Best was the track that caught my ear.  I can’t really put my finger on a genre for this band consisting of two guys, Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph.  The hook sounds a little bit pop, but there is a twinge of indie rock with a reggae style break-down in the middle of the song.

Whatever it is it’s fun to listen to, and was a welcome relief as looking through my ipod simply reminded me of a bunch of music I couldn’t listen too.  Thanks for saving my day Twenty One Pilots.

Stumbliene – “Cassette (Owsey Remix)

As of midnight tonight I will be starting the 30 Day Challenge.  What is this 30 day challenge you might ask?  Well, I lead an eighth grade boys bible study with another guy named Tommy.  He suggested that as a group we give up all secular music for 30 days, and see how we feel at the end.

At first, I’m not going to lie.  I thought it sounded crazy, especially since I love music so much, and I do like to listen to a good deal of secular music.  I will  be attending Coachella next month (The mecca of secular music), and I write for a secular music website.  Then I thought how if I wasn’t able to give up secular music for 30 days for God, what would I be willing to give up, and how committed am I to truly serving Christ.

So, here I go, and I will leave you with what will hopefully be the last piece of secular music I will hear for 30 days.  A great track from a band called Stumbleine