A Trip Through My iTunes Library

I’m not really sure at what point my iTunes library became the memoirs of my life.  For as far back as I can remember I’ve loved music, and specifically collecting music.  It all began when my parents bought me a CD player when I was in fifth grade, along with my first CD (Billy Joel’s Storm Front).  As I grew older my musical tastes changed, as did the common media for music.  I went from tapes, to CDs, to burning my own mixtapes via my dad’s CD burner, and finally digital media.  By that point my collection exploded and I was hopelessly hooked to collecting music.

Each album in my iTunes library tells a story.  Whether it be a CD found while scouring my local Hastings on my weekly visit, or an album I downloaded on the recommendation by a friend.  They all remind me of specific times in my life.  Some bad, but mostly good.  Music though has been the foundation that has held it all together, and simply hearing a song while scrolling through my library can take me back to whatever exactly moment and emotion that I have related to it.

I recently have been going back through my library as I moved all my music and subsequently lost a good majority of my album artwork.  My musical OCD will not allow me to put the music on my iPod without having artwork, so I’ve been hard at working going through all 24,756 songs.  This has led to me being reminded of some gems that have been hidden on my iPod for years, so here they are…


Ryan Adams – “Wonderwall (Live version)”

I can still remember the first time I heard this Ryan Adams track.  It was way back when I was a freshmen in college, and I could hardly believe it.  Hands down my favorite singer-songwriter covering one of my favorite songs.  It was like a dream come true.

Through the years, I constantly find myself coming back to Ryan Adams.  Whether it’s his Whiskeytown albums or his plethora of solo material, I just can’t get enough.  Every few weeks I find myself listening to one of his albums.  For whatever reason, it really resonates with me.  Might be all the good memories associated with it.

Before my wife and I were married, for my 21st birthday she took me all the way to San Francisco to see Adams play at the Fillmore.  Almost every stage off my adult life Adams has been there for me.

For all the tracks that he has written though, this cover might be one of my favorites.  Way better then the album version, this is just Ryan and his guitar playing the crap out of the track, complete with beat boxing.  It’s the perfect blend of seriousness with a smidge of humor.  Something I think we all need in our lives.


Marcus Foster – “I Was Broken”

Since today is my beautiful wife’s birthday I thought I would do a special Crystal post.  One of her absolutely favorite artists is the super-talented British singer-songwriter Marcus Foster, and her favorite song off his album Nameless Path is “I Was Broken.”

The song features Foster really belting out the song, showing off all the soul that fills his voice with some lightly strummed acoustic guitar and cello.  The song really get’s good with the build up as you can feel the desperation in Foster’s voice and the music follows right behind me.

So here is to you Crystal, I love you and I’m so excited to celebrate another year of you!


Joe D’Amico – “Where Does the Time Go?”

Sometimes you just need a good pop song.  Enter Philadelphia’s Joe D’Amico.

D’Amico just recently released his album A Short Time’s a Long Time introducing the world to his own blend of acoustic, folk, Americanism.  The album is filled with laid back tracks that could be comfortable on 70’s am radio or floating around the blogosphere today.

One of the highlights is a track called “Where Does the Time Go?”  Listening to it, I can’t help but be reminded of one of my favorite singer-songwriter Josh Rouse.  With sunny melodies and grooving bass, “Where Does the Time Go?” is a perfect throwback track to the glory days of pop music.  Before the Twitter, or the Internet when good music simply made you feel good.  What more do you need?


Mount Moriah – “Younger Days”

Came across a new track from alt. country rockers Mount Moriah off their upcoming album Miracle Temple.

The track is called “Younger Days,” and I have to say it has me really excited about the album.  I think everyone needs a little Americana in their life, and I really love the interplay between the voices of Heather McEntire and Jenks Miller.  It reminds me of the glory days of Whiskeytown when Caitlin Carey played off the voice of Ryan Adams.  Just exquesite to listen to.

Enjoy the track below, and look out for the album next week.


Sugardrum – “Bubbleclouds”

I realize that I have totally been neglecting my blog the last few weeks.  Life has just been crazy, which makes me so sorry for taking so long to share this track from an artist named Sugardrum.

Sugardrum is multi-instrument virtuoso Nigel Bunner of England, and he describes his music on his website as “acoustic storytelling songs.”  Bunner really does focus in on the lost art of music as story telling.  As so many artists are focused on the bigger pictures and making sure all the notes are in the right place, Sugardrum is more about entertaining his listeners with what he has to say,and the beautiful music he builds around it.

The track “Bubble Clouds,” appears on his newest EP Where Once Were Roads which has just been re-released.  Filled with gently strummed acoustic guitar and soft harmonies, Sugardrum reminds of some other high quality folk acts like Badly Drawn Boy and Sufjan Stevens.  One of the best parts of the song though have to be the music video, featuring a “home-made” video game  that goes perfectly with the song.  Make sure to watch it below.

Iron and Wine – “Lovers’ Revolution”

I have to say I was pretty excited to see a new Iron and Wine track up on Soundcloud today.  It has been a long time since Kiss Each Other Clean came out, and you never know what approach Samuel Beam is going to take.

The new track, “Lovers’ Revolution” is what I can only call a jazz piece.  Filled with smoky horns, some chords beat out of a piano, and Beam backed up by some female vocals.  There’s even an improvised trumpet solo.

So is the next Iron and Wine album going to be a jazz influenced album?  Who knows, but it’s definitely an interesting approach.  Guess will have to wait until April 16 when Ghost on Ghost drops.