Anberlin – “Someone Anyone

What???  A brand new Anberlin track?  With the follow-up to The Dark Meets the Light, Anberlin has a new album coming out entitled Vital, and the first track to surface of the new material is called “Someone Anyone.”

Taking it’s cues from some of Anberlin’s older stuff circa Never Take Friendship Personal, “Someone Anyone” is definitely a rocker with trademark slashing distorted guitar paired up with Stephen Christian’s voice.  Some interesting vocal production is also present , and what  sounds like maybe an 8-bit video game???  I have to say I really like the infusing of classic Anberlin with some synths.

So until the album comes out out on October 16, enjoy the first single below!


Astronauts, ect. – “Mystery Colors”

Found this beautiful dream-pop tune on indieshuffle today, and couldn’t help but share it.  The artist’s name is Anthony Ferraro, from Berkley, CA and he calls his solo project Astronauts, ect.  This is the first track off his soon to be released EP that is due out in September.  It will definitely be something I’m going to be picking up when it comes out.

The track is entitled “Mystery Colors”, and it has some great layers to it, centered around Ferraro’s falsetto.  I can’t help but be reminded of Antlers, but not as sad.  Pretty amazing that it is only one man putting this track together because it really does sound like a full band.  Check it out, and make sure to get the free download to hold you over until September.

The Do – “Bohemian Dances (YUS Remix)”

Came across a link to this track via my twitter account.  It’s from a producer named YUS from Phoenix, and I am a bit partial to Arizona since I lived in Arizona for a little while.  I don’t know a whole lot about YUS, but he does have a great taste in music.  If you check out his Soundcloud pag (here)e, he’s remixed some quality tracks.  I had also come across an album of remixes he has done via his Bandcamp page, which included Animal Collective, so he must be solid.

On his page he also has an album you can download for free called Palms.  Check it out here.

Here is a remix he does of “Bohemian Dances” by the Do.  I love the drum breakdowns in the track.  It really makes it an interesting listen.  Some great interplay here of some processed vocals with some synth.  A great chill out track, that I will definitely be adding to my iPod as soon as I’m done with this post.


Youth Lagoon – “Daydream (Morks Epic Snares Remix)”

The last few weeks I’ve been listening to a bunch of Youth Lagoon, after finally breaking down and buying the album after listening to it on Spotify. Driving myself crazy since I couldn’t listen to it in the car.

Luckily, I’m not the only person who has taken a liking to Youth Lagoon, as there are a bunch of remixes sitting on Soundcloud. One of the better ones I found was from Chicago’s John Mork, formally of Sound Republic.

He took a stab at Youth Lagoon’s “Daydream,” and really did it some justice. Keeping the original synth hooks from the song in place, as well as Trevor Powers’ haunting voice. This remix focuses on making the song a little more danceable, and extending it out to 8 minutes. All in all it’s a great listen, and a free download. Can’t go wrong with that. Enjoy.

Conveyor – “Anne”

It seems like Conveyor has been blowing up all over the indie music blogosphere, and I finally gave them a listen.  Boy am I glad that did.

From the Brooklyn label Paper Garden Records that puts out such artists as Bryan Scary and Little Tybee, Conveyor is really making a name for themselves in the indie pop realm.  They have recently released their first full length LP after putting out an EP entitled Sun Ray.  The band  reminds me of Animal Collective with more pop sensibilities.  Fun to listen to with great beats, and lot of interesting extra things going on layered deep the in tracks.

Their new singled is “Anne” and it is a great representation of the band.  Featuring some acoustic guitar, rhythmic tribal drumming, various band members trading off singing, with quite a few electronics thrown into a pot.  Then promptly stirred around until a great art pop song comes out.  Also featuring a three minute long break-down of noise at the end.  What’s not to love about this song.

Check it out below, and make sure to pick up their new self-titled album.