Vince Dynamic – “Time To Let You Go”

Had an email in my inbox today form a guy named Chris Tanner of the Michigan indie pop band Vince Dynamic.  They recently released a video for their track “Time To Let You Go,” off their Those Fears EP.

While the video is filled with clips of the band hanging out with their friends shooting fireworks, “Time To Let You Go,” is a very laid back affair.  With some great instrumentation to kick it off, including some toy piano and some sort of toy slide whistle, the track has some great pop sensibility.  It’s the perfect song for a drive home, with a haunting guitar riff taking over after a mid-point key change, and it’s lament to having to let someone go.

The band is working on a full length album, which should be coming out soon.  With the promise of “Time To Let You Go,” I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

Check out the video and the track below, and make sure to stop by Vince Dynamic’s webpage right here, or get a name your own price of the EP here.

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