Beautiful Eulogy – “Anchor feat. Josh Garrels”

A few days ago I came across the Beautiful Eulogy album Satellite Kite.  It’s pretty much all I’ve been listening too.   In fact, I’ve looked for any chance to listen to it.  Especially while I’m at work.  The production of the album is on point, with some beautiful chill wavish type beats, but more importantly is the lyrical content.  The album has just really resonated with my heart, and really has helped to put my mind where it needs to be to start every day.  These guys are nothing but encouraging as you hear about their everyday struggles, just trying to follow Christ the best they can.

One of the stand out tracks for me is called “Anchor.”  With a feature from Portland folk-singer Josh Garrels, it is truly a beautiful song.  “Anchor of my soul you sustain.  When I’m in the storm you remain.”  What a great chorus sung in Josh’s falsetto and reminder of how much God loves us.  The lush sonic landscape filled with some effected piano is the perfect backdrop for these words.  A little dark, but mostly hopeful.  The rhymes are also incredibly compelling, and thought provoking.

Do yourself a favor and head over to Humble Beast Record’s page and download this album.



Propaganda – “Excellent”

I came across a new website today.  I know it’s not a “new” website but it’s new to me.  The website is Humble Beast, and I am now a believer.

Charged with the mission of being, ” a creative collective of individuals who attempt to express our life through our gifts with our best.”  These individuals happen to be incredibly talented producers and MCs.  One of them being Propaganda.

His album Excellent is the featured album at the site on the moment and with good reason.  Filled with chilled out beats, passionate and intelligent rhymes, and a desire to share Christ in a relevant way.  I had always had a bit of a beef with Christian hip hop, since I thought a majority of it sounded like the new good hip hop I heard on the radio.  Propaganda is the remedy to this.  He shares his life, his experiences, and his faith with out sounding cheesy and the production is on point.  It gears more towards the underground world of hip hop, which has always been the hip hop I’ve always enjoyed, but with a message parallel with my life.

I finally found exactly what I was looking for with hip hop, a perfect marriage of faith and creativity.  Thanks Propaganda and Humble Beast.  Download his album Excellent right here.


Hoszia Hinds – “Can’t Live Without You”

So I know that I’ve never featured any reggae on the site, but there is definitely a first time for everything.

I came across an artist named Hoszia Hinds, who is making an art of combining his love for God with a love for island music.    Being a minister from the island of Barbados has definitely had an impact on his vision of worship.  Not to mention his relationship with Christ, and his service to him.

The single off his first EP is called “Can’t Live Without You,” and is an outpouring to God.  He shares his dependence on God, and how God is responsible for everything in his life.  All set to a super chilled out island vibe.  It’s definitely cool seeing people worship Christ in their own personal flavors, instead of boxing God into my own idea of worship.

This track is worth checking out, and I look forward on seeing all that Hoszia accomplishes through Christ.

Hoszia Hinds

Friendzone – “Change”

This track from the bay area production duo Friendzone has been on heavy repeat on my iPod the last few weeks.  Every time I lesson to “Change” it just get’s better and better.

Filled with some difficult to understand, yet beautiful vocal production, and hip-hop beats,  “Change” is the perfect representation of change.  Anytime I listen to it, it just makes me go with the flow.  Slowly taking my through a trip down memory lane where my life has been filled with plenty of change that has lead to amazing things.  Whether it be meeting my wife, the birth of my son,  or giving my life to Christ.  Thankfully my life has been filled with lot’s of beautiful, unexpected change.

Take a listen and be reminded of all the good things that have happened in your life.

Ascend the Hill – “The Fall”

The last few days I have rediscovered how the great Ascend the Hill’s self-titled album is.  I also have a new favorite track off the album.

It’s this beautiful acoustic track entitled, “The Fall.”  You can just really hear the passion and plea in how the lyrics are sung, as the lead singer finds himself at Jesus’ feet.  Simply unable to continue on their own, and desperate for an encounter for God.

How often we find ourselves at the end of our ropes, unable to go through life on our own.  Thankfully, we don’t need to do it on our own.  In fact, we are supposed to do it relying upon God.

Thanks for reminding me of this ever important truth Ascend the Hill.

Daft Punk – Emphazed (Krono Remix)

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, so I thought today I thought I’d share something that had been sitting in my inbox for a while.

It’s a remix of Daft Punk’s “Emphazed,” or should I say alleged remix of Daft Punk.  Since we aren’t really sure it the original was a legitimate Daft Punk track.  Regardless of all that stuff, Krono, from Paris, does a great job remixing the track.  Not really deviating too much from the original, but that’s a good thing.  It still kind of makes me feel like I’m in the Tron universe.