Glorious Unseen – “The Love of God”

One of my favorite worship groups, Glorious Unseen is soon to release a brand new album.  It’s called Lovesick, and it’s due out on October 9th.

The track “The Love of God” was released via BEC Recordings Soundcloud account.  It continues with some heartfelt, real lyrics.  It’s been said that Glorious Unseen’s songs are like prayers set to music, and this track sounds like exactly that.  Something that anyone who has been desperate to reach out to God can relate to.

Musically, “The Love of God” seems to leave off where The Hope That Lies In You left off.  Basing their sounds around a tight piano riff, and relying upon the dynamic of the entire band entering into the song to build the dynamic between quiet and loud.  While at the same time, working some truly creative thoughts via the electric guitar.

Glorious Unseen continue to prove that you can write creative, thoughtful songs to worship the one and true God.  I can’t wait until the new album comes out!

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