Welcome to my music blog!  I started this blog because of a love for music and a love for God.  There are so many great indie music blogs, as well as a lot of great independent Christian artists.  The problem I found was there wasn’t a great blog sharing some of this great music.  When I had googled Christian Indie Music, I was led to websites playing gospel ect.  While not bad, that’s not my cup of tea, and I know there have to be others looking for some great Christian music not sung by a church choir.  There also is a plethora of great indie music, that might not be Christian, but can still have a positive message.  Thus the  idea for intentional, independent, inspiration.  Thanks for checking out my site, and I hope you enjoy.

For music submissions, please email them to cpfriedman@comcast.net and I promise I’ll give it a listen.

3 responses to “About

  1. Hello,

    We’re glad we found your site. We have an enquiry. Is it possible to do an email Interview with our founder, Rita Pam Tarachi (http://www.facebook.com/ritapamtarachi) ? She just released a new CD and obviously people would want a follow up in the nature of an Interview.

    Please let us know if you’d be willing to do an email interview with her.

    Thank you and Blessings,

    Lynda Imani
    The Springfield Hope Network

  2. Hey There,

    Just submitting our tracks for consideration on your blog.

    Check out our material on the links provided below. We’ve just released our first single Medicate Me digitally (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc). You can offer your listeners our track Reassimilate exclusively for download by uploading it to your own soundcloud or other service by grabbing it from our dropbox

    Here’s a link to the musiiic

    (guess you could call it indie rock?)

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