Freelance Whales – “Spitting Image”

This sure was a busy week of releases in the world of indie music.  With the releases of Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis and Tame Impala just to name a few.  It was such a busy week that I totally overlooked the release of the new Freelance Whales album Diluvia.

These guys are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands, after their last album Weathervanes.  Even though I jumped on the bus a little bit late, it shouldn’t take anything away from how talented Freelance Whales really are.

Residing in Queens, Freelance Whales proved they could mesh folk music with electronic music in a way that doesn’t take away from either genre.  Not sounding corny, and without anything feeling out of place.

This trend continues on the track “Spitting Image.”  It’s Freelance Whales, but sounds a little more developed and focused than anything off their last album.  Some great acoustic guitar kicks off the track, and builds into a lush chamber-pop landscape.

And, you can download the track for free.  Just make sure you download the album!

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