Kye Kye – “Sleeper”

Today I am officially 9 days into my 30 day challenge, and found myself desperate to listen to some electronic music.  Thankfully, there really are some amazing Christian artists doing some cool stuff in the electronic genre. One group that I found (they happened to be the featured artist on Come&Live yesterday) is doing exactly that.

Kye Kye is comprised of a 3 siblings and a brother-in-law from Camas, WA.  Making smart electronic music consisting of various levels of sounds including guitars, synthesizers, and voice.  The result of all of these different things coming together is their album Young Love.

The track “Sleeper” is definitely one that sticks out to me, with the ending to the second verse stating, “No matter what was done you are always loved.”  With some great keyboard riffs picking up the track towards the end, reminiscent of a Coldplay.  “Sleeper” ends up somewhere between pop and ambient, and leaves me wanting to listen to it over and over again.

Even better is the message of the band.  Their website states:

“Certain things happen in a persons life that are a result of an intimate relationship with God through Christ. One of those things is the desire to spread the good news of the Kingdom of God. As this relationship grows a second set of desires tends to rise up in your heart. This desire is designed and tailored to you and grows for the very purpose of supporting the desire to pour out the gospel from within you.”

Got me thinking that maybe sharing music is the gospel pouring out of me.

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