Stumbliene – “Cassette (Owsey Remix)

As of midnight tonight I will be starting the 30 Day Challenge.  What is this 30 day challenge you might ask?  Well, I lead an eighth grade boys bible study with another guy named Tommy.  He suggested that as a group we give up all secular music for 30 days, and see how we feel at the end.

At first, I’m not going to lie.  I thought it sounded crazy, especially since I love music so much, and I do like to listen to a good deal of secular music.  I will  be attending Coachella next month (The mecca of secular music), and I write for a secular music website.  Then I thought how if I wasn’t able to give up secular music for 30 days for God, what would I be willing to give up, and how committed am I to truly serving Christ.

So, here I go, and I will leave you with what will hopefully be the last piece of secular music I will hear for 30 days.  A great track from a band called Stumbleine

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