Anberlin- “Dismantle. Repair”

For today’s post I decided to go back a few years in time.  I know that Anberlin has put out two killer albums since releasing Cities, and even has another album in the works.  However, to me Cities is still THE album.  It came out in a time of my life when I really needed it.

My friend Chris had passed away not to long after the album came out serving God on a missions trip in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Before he died this was his favorite album, and this was the album that helped me to deal with his loss.

I was listening to it the other night, and came across my favorite track, “Dismantle.  Repair.”  Such an amazing song with it’s emphasis on how God desires to repair us, and “save us from ourselves.”  Musically it carries just enough tension between heavy and calm, as the band takes the listener from the verse with some simple light guitar work into the chorus.  Picking up the song with an aggresive guitar riff that plays against Stephen Christian’s pleading with God.  By the end, you can’t help but rock out with the band and promptly pressing the repeat track button on your ipod.

As I look back five years this month since Chris passed, thanks Anberlin for helping through that difficult time, and helping me to see God through all things.  Even tragedy.

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