Home is Calling – “Hiding Place”

I was browsing on one of my favorite website comeandlive.com the other day, and I came across Home is Calling.

They are what you might call an alternative worship band from the city of Boston (as a Sox fan I might be already a little impartial to them).  All of their songs honor God and everything that he is, but do so in a much more interesting, relevant way than most contemporary CCM or worship artists .

The single “Hiding Place” is a mid tempo rocker, reminding me a little bit of some mid 90’s emo a la Mineral or Open Hand.  Using some great electric guitar licks, and a heartfelt plea for God make this a great tune that has been playing non-stop on my iPod.

I would love for these guys to come play at my church (Sagebrush Riverside in Albuquerque, NM), just so I could see their passion for Jesus in passion.  Check out comeandlive.com so you can download their album for free and spread the news and check out their website.

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