Civil Parish – “Beautiful Step”

Yet another amazing new band added to Come&Live.  It’s just so cool how they are connecting some amazing bands to people through music, and doing it for free.  It’s so opposite of how the world works, and a great example of Christ’s love for the world.  A selfless love.

Speaking of selfless love, is a band who loves to sing about it, and their name is Civil Parish.  They are Jon, Micah, Cory, and Michael and they are from Orlando, Fl.  The album is entitled Abolition’s Well, and it’s been bouncing around the Internet for a few months now on sites like Noisetrade and Come&Live.  The album reminds me a little bit of Glorious Unseen and Chasen.  Two bands I definitely love listening to.

One of my favorite tracks off the album is called “Beautiful Step”.  It features some delayed guitar to kick off the song, and an infectious drum beat.  It definitely has a nice feel to it.  Especially with some high quality production.  The band just sounds super tight, and with the addition of some strings and other elements really helps the song to take off.

The lyrics are also great, as the leader singer asks God to, “Teach me to dance , invite my soul, to this beautiful step.”  It’s a nice reminder about how we need to constantly be asking God to lead us through life, as we so easily forgot, or lose track of him.

So check out Abolition’s Well for free right here.

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