Hoszia Hinds – “Can’t Live Without You”

So I know that I’ve never featured any reggae on the site, but there is definitely a first time for everything.

I came across an artist named Hoszia Hinds, who is making an art of combining his love for God with a love for island music.    Being a minister from the island of Barbados has definitely had an impact on his vision of worship.  Not to mention his relationship with Christ, and his service to him.

The single off his first EP is called “Can’t Live Without You,” and is an outpouring to God.  He shares his dependence on God, and how God is responsible for everything in his life.  All set to a super chilled out island vibe.  It’s definitely cool seeing people worship Christ in their own personal flavors, instead of boxing God into my own idea of worship.

This track is worth checking out, and I look forward on seeing all that Hoszia accomplishes through Christ.

Hoszia Hinds

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