25 Days of Christmas, Day 1

With the beginning of December comes my favorite time of year, the holiday season.  I just love Christmas time.  I’m not sure if it’s the Christmas trees, Christmas lights, or the holiday spirit.  Mostly I think it’s how amazing it is know that Christmas is a time of celebrating the amazing sacrifice of love and selflessness that God showed when Jesus was born on earth.

One thing I haven’t been crazy about this time of year has been Christmas music.  Much of it is the same old recycled stuff from generations.  So this year I’ve decided to compile a list of 25 modern and relevant Christmas tunes, one for each day of December leading up to Christmas with a bit of an indie emphasis.  I hope you enjoy coming with me on this journey, and hopefully it points you towards what the season is truly all about and some awesome new music.

For my first selection I have picked the song “O Holy Night” from Kings Kaleidoscope off their album Joy Has Dawned.  It’s a super fresh take on a beautiful song, with a bit of a laid back Shawn McDonald vibe to it.  I really enjoy the softly played piano, and the build towards the end adding some strings and horns.  It’s really great stuff.



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