Futurecop! – My Summer Girl Mixtape

I’ve never featured a mixtape, but this one was just way to good.

Put together by 80s enthusiast Futurecop! it’s the perfect blend of old and new going back for generations of kids trying to breathe in their entire summer.

“It was Summer of …., you were in love, everything was perfect ( you take a deep breath with a feeling of happiness and heartache at the same time, remembering those friends, that girl, the adventure) = “My Summer Girl” (a Mixtape By Futurecop!)” from Futurecop!’s Soundcloud page.

Mine was the summer of 2003, and my summer soundtrack consisted pretty primarily of Postal Service as I not only began to fall in love with electronic music, but also with my future wife. As soon as I got to “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” with this mixtape I was transported back in time.

You need to immediately download this, burn it on a cd, and go drive around wherever you live!



My Bloody Valentine – “Soon (Christian Strobe Remix)

With all the twitter and web clatter of the brilliant new My Bloody Valentine release m b v, I thought I’d share a little remix I found of the track “Soon,” off of the iconic album Loveless.  It’s from German producer Christian Strobe, and it takes the original shoegaze track and puts a little dance into it.

You can definitely still hear the bones of the original track, but fleshed out with some dance synths and kick drum.  I especially like the lead out at the very end.  Not a bad way to celebrate the return of one of indie rocks most influential bands.


Daft Punk – Emphazed (Krono Remix)

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, so I thought today I thought I’d share something that had been sitting in my inbox for a while.

It’s a remix of Daft Punk’s “Emphazed,” or should I say alleged remix of Daft Punk.  Since we aren’t really sure it the original was a legitimate Daft Punk track.  Regardless of all that stuff, Krono, from Paris, does a great job remixing the track.  Not really deviating too much from the original, but that’s a good thing.  It still kind of makes me feel like I’m in the Tron universe.


25 Days of Christmas, Christmas Day

I am finally at the end of my journey, successfully sharing 25 different Christmas songs.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed some of the songs, and found some new holiday classics.  Today I’ve got a Christmas classic remixed by DJ Serafin, and it’s a free download!

So today, enjoy your family and friends, and remember the real reason for Christmas was an absolutely self-less God who came to earth to save us from ourselves.

Merry Christmas!!!



25 Days of Christmas, Day 2

On this second day of Advent, thought I’d share a nice little dubstep remix.  While I know how cliche the dubstep remix has become lately, it’s totally hard to stop bobbing your head to a “Carol of the Bells” remix.    Especially if it’s set to coincide with someone’s Christmas lights on their house.

Deas Vail – “The Things You Were (Campbell’s Dubstep Remix)

Today as I was trolling through Soundcloud, I came across a remix of “The Things You Were” by Deas Vail off their Birds & Cages album.  I have to say I was intrigued by the fact that it was titled as a Dubstep Remix, so I had to give it a listen.

Done by a producer named Campbell Jensen, from Auckland, New Zealand, the remix truly takes the best part of “The Things You Were.”  Specifically that little guitar run that you just can’t get enough of when you listen to the original song.  Jensen really takes it up a notch though by adding some nice break beat to it, and really making the track groove.  It almost sounds more focused than the original without the extra bit of the song that almost sounds out of place.

By the time Jensen drops the vocals, the song really takes off to another place.  Taking the beauty of the song, without focusing too much on any sort of drop or anything that would seem awkward.  Just enough wobble to make your head bob.

Campbell Jensen, I have no clue who you are, but thanks for a great remix of a great song!

The Do – “Bohemian Dances (YUS Remix)”

Came across a link to this track via my twitter account.  It’s from a producer named YUS from Phoenix, and I am a bit partial to Arizona since I lived in Arizona for a little while.  I don’t know a whole lot about YUS, but he does have a great taste in music.  If you check out his Soundcloud pag (here)e, he’s remixed some quality tracks.  I had also come across an album of remixes he has done via his Bandcamp page, which included Animal Collective, so he must be solid.

On his page he also has an album you can download for free called Palms.  Check it out here.

Here is a remix he does of “Bohemian Dances” by the Do.  I love the drum breakdowns in the track.  It really makes it an interesting listen.  Some great interplay here of some processed vocals with some synth.  A great chill out track, that I will definitely be adding to my iPod as soon as I’m done with this post.