Conveyor – “Anne”

It seems like Conveyor has been blowing up all over the indie music blogosphere, and I finally gave them a listen.  Boy am I glad that did.

From the Brooklyn label Paper Garden Records that puts out such artists as Bryan Scary and Little Tybee, Conveyor is really making a name for themselves in the indie pop realm.  They have recently released their first full length LP after putting out an EP entitled Sun Ray.  The band  reminds me of Animal Collective with more pop sensibilities.  Fun to listen to with great beats, and lot of interesting extra things going on layered deep the in tracks.

Their new singled is “Anne” and it is a great representation of the band.  Featuring some acoustic guitar, rhythmic tribal drumming, various band members trading off singing, with quite a few electronics thrown into a pot.  Then promptly stirred around until a great art pop song comes out.  Also featuring a three minute long break-down of noise at the end.  What’s not to love about this song.

Check it out below, and make sure to pick up their new self-titled album.

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