Sugardrum – “Bubbleclouds”

I realize that I have totally been neglecting my blog the last few weeks.  Life has just been crazy, which makes me so sorry for taking so long to share this track from an artist named Sugardrum.

Sugardrum is multi-instrument virtuoso Nigel Bunner of England, and he describes his music on his website as “acoustic storytelling songs.”  Bunner really does focus in on the lost art of music as story telling.  As so many artists are focused on the bigger pictures and making sure all the notes are in the right place, Sugardrum is more about entertaining his listeners with what he has to say,and the beautiful music he builds around it.

The track “Bubble Clouds,” appears on his newest EP Where Once Were Roads which has just been re-released.  Filled with gently strummed acoustic guitar and soft harmonies, Sugardrum reminds of some other high quality folk acts like Badly Drawn Boy and Sufjan Stevens.  One of the best parts of the song though have to be the music video, featuring a “home-made” video game  that goes perfectly with the song.  Make sure to watch it below.


25 Days of Christmas, Day 3

For the third day of my 25 days of Christmas music I’ve picked a Sufjan Stevens.  I know I had featured one of the tracks off his newest batch of Christmas EP, but for tonight I thought I’d pick “O Come O Come Emmanuel” off of 2001’s Songs for Christmas.

I really love how Steven’s has some of the traditional instrumentation with his now trademark banjo.  With his hushed vocals mixed with the classic lyrics to the song, this makes for a Christmas must.  And how could anyone celebrate God being with us in the form of Jesus without some banjo anyway.


Sufjan Stevens – “Justice Delivers Its Death”

Sufjan Stevens has done it again.  Making an epic collection of Christmas EP’s that is.

Entitled Silver and Gold, this collection of Christmas music takes off where Steven’s last collection of music left off, but manages to take it to a whole other level.  Using much of the sparse acoustic, bedroom arrangements that have made Stevens a mainstay in the indie music world, but also incorporating all the new elements brought to life on the Age of Adz album.  This collection really has a little bit for anybody that is even remotely interested in anything that Stevens has put out.

Consisting of a total of 58 Christmas songs (If you include the cover of Prince’s “Alphabet”), these EP’s help to make Christmas music come to life again for a whole new generation.

On his Bandcamp site it states, “Who can save us from the infidels of Christmas commodity? Look no further, tired shopper, for your hero arrives as the diligent songwriter Sufjan Stevens.”  Stevens does exactly that, with the track “Justice Delivers Its Death.”  The song serves as a somber reminder to remember that Christmas isn’t about stuff, and maybe to focus on the ultimate gift that was given to us.  The salvation, freedom, and hope that Christ coming to a depraved world desperately in need of saving that was brought by a baby in a manger.

Thanks for the reminder Sufjan Stevens, because we absolutely need it!