A Trip Through My iTunes Library

I’m not really sure at what point my iTunes library became the memoirs of my life.  For as far back as I can remember I’ve loved music, and specifically collecting music.  It all began when my parents bought me a CD player when I was in fifth grade, along with my first CD (Billy Joel’s Storm Front).  As I grew older my musical tastes changed, as did the common media for music.  I went from tapes, to CDs, to burning my own mixtapes via my dad’s CD burner, and finally digital media.  By that point my collection exploded and I was hopelessly hooked to collecting music.

Each album in my iTunes library tells a story.  Whether it be a CD found while scouring my local Hastings on my weekly visit, or an album I downloaded on the recommendation by a friend.  They all remind me of specific times in my life.  Some bad, but mostly good.  Music though has been the foundation that has held it all together, and simply hearing a song while scrolling through my library can take me back to whatever exactly moment and emotion that I have related to it.

I recently have been going back through my library as I moved all my music and subsequently lost a good majority of my album artwork.  My musical OCD will not allow me to put the music on my iPod without having artwork, so I’ve been hard at working going through all 24,756 songs.  This has led to me being reminded of some gems that have been hidden on my iPod for years, so here they are…


25 Days of Christmas, Day 11

How convenient that during  my 25 Days of Christmas Blink 182 releases a new track.  Even better, it’s a Christmas track.

The song is called “Boxing Day,” and it’s a nice acoustic song, but still explicitly Blink 182.  Featuring some acoustic guitar, drum machines, and the signature Blink vocals.  Kind of hard to believe that they’ve been around as long as they have, and can still make some great music.  Not a super far stretch from what they typically do, but it does sound fresh.  Plus Blink 182 is one of those bands that always takes me back to when I was kid.