Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built

May just might be one of my favorite months.  As a teacher, it means that summer break is so close that I can taste it.  Teachers need a break too!

May also means that it’s warm enough to drive around with the windows down, and not so hot that you feel like you’re melting into your seats.  Now if you’re going to be driving around with your windows down you have to have some perfect loud warm weather music to blast through your speakers.  Who better than those crazy Canadians the Japandroids.  All of theirs songs are meant to be played as loud as possible with no regards to your ear drums.

Enjoy, your inner-teenager will greatly appreciate it!



Atlas Genius – “Trojans”

I know I am totally behind the boat on Atlas Genius.  I finally picked up their debut album When It Was Now, and dang is it good.  It has been on heavy repeat on my iPod, and I’m pretty sure I found one of my go-to albums for the summer.

Neo Safari – “Coastal Cruise”

After coming back from a Texas wedding over the weekend, and coming across a track from the Dallas chillwavers, Neo Safari, I just had to blog about them.  I guess I’ve got a bit of a Texas theme going.

The track “Coastal Cruise” by Neo Safari is a fun track, and a great stand out off their self-titled EP that you can download here.  It seems like the perfect ending to summer as September has officially hit, and any day Fall will start appearing.  With it’s super laid back vibe, it’s hard not sit back and remember the great past summer that was.  Check it out, and enjoy!

Teen Daze – “Treten”

After what seemed like the world’s longest wait (Especially since those of us waiting for the digital download had to wait an extra week) Teen Daze’s first full-length LP All Of Us, Together finally came out.  And let me tell you, it was worth it.

Having come a long way from the “Chill Wave” that Teen Daze helped to define with his EP Four More Years, All Of Us, Together shows a more mature Jamison.  Building bigger atmosphere, and developing even more ideas, he has obviously become a master of the synthesizer.  Never losing that personality that helped define many of his early tracks and remixes.

“Treten” is a fantastic beginning to the album, reminding us all that summer is here.  Perfect for a night drive, filled with some groovable bass, and warm synth swirling through your head.  Simplified with not too many layers, and showing a great understanding of building an atmosphere.

Great song, and great reason to go out and download All of Us, Together.

Pomegranates – “50’s”

One of the catchiest songs I’ve hard playing on the radio has to be “50’s”, by the Cincinnati indie outfit the Pomegranates.  While their full length album All Of Us via Afternoon Records came out a few years ago, it doesn’t take away from how great the song is.

I love the crooning during the chorus, and the song keeps rocking from beginning to end with some reverbed out guitar.  What a great build-up at the end as well capping out the track.

I can’t help but be reminded of some great indie music that has been coming out lately such as The Temper Trap and even the new Beach House.  “50’s” just sounds like summer to me, and I will definitely be giving it some solid listening this summer while I’m driving around at night with my windows down.