Futurecop! – My Summer Girl Mixtape

I’ve never featured a mixtape, but this one was just way to good.

Put together by 80s enthusiast Futurecop! it’s the perfect blend of old and new going back for generations of kids trying to breathe in their entire summer.

“It was Summer of …., you were in love, everything was perfect ( you take a deep breath with a feeling of happiness and heartache at the same time, remembering those friends, that girl, the adventure) = “My Summer Girl” (a Mixtape By Futurecop!)” from Futurecop!’s Soundcloud page.

Mine was the summer of 2003, and my summer soundtrack consisted pretty primarily of Postal Service as I not only began to fall in love with electronic music, but also with my future wife. As soon as I got to “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” with this mixtape I was transported back in time.

You need to immediately download this, burn it on a cd, and go drive around wherever you live!



Chiddy Bang – “Never”

It has been a super long time since I’d posted anything, and I’ve finally gotten around to it.  Life has just been super crazy, with the addition of the newest member of my family making her appearance back on April 4th.  We named her Madeline Grace, and she is perfect, beautiful, and wonderful.  Having a newborn again in the house is a bit of an adjustment as I am now recalling what functioning on small amounts of sleep really is.  All of it incredibly worth it though.

The track I’m sharing today is an old Chiddy Bang track off their mixtape Swelly Express.  It’s hands down my favorite track on the mixtape, and even now I just can’t stop listening to it.  With that pitch-shifted hook, and some great lines it is no wonder how Chiddy Bang blew up as quick as they did.  One of my favorite parts about the song though is how Chiddy looks at his life and talks about how he wants to live it in an uncompromising manner.  Chasing his dream and doing it his way, not worrying about what others think.  You also have to love a Harry Potter reference in a hip-hop song.

So here’s to going about life in an uncompromising fashion, focusing on what God has for you instead of getting caught up in what the world has for you.