25 Days of Christmas, Day 19

Last night, my wife and I went to my son’s very first Christmas Pageant for his pre-school.   He did a fantastic job, and we were so proud of him.  Afterwards my wife and I were talking about how it really made us feel like parents.  It’s kind of crazy how all things in life come full circle, as my wife and I are watching our son grow up.  Time really does fly.

In honor of my son Max, I’m posting an acoustic version of “Silent Night,” since that was one of the songs they performed last night.  This version is by a New York band called Lion In the Mane.  You can download a bunch of their takes on some Christmas classics right here.

One response to “25 Days of Christmas, Day 19

  1. Not only does this song have such an important meaning behind it, the birth of Jesus is kind of a big deal, but I will always remember our sweet darling 3 year old singing it on stage in front of hundreds of other proud parents. It was a special night!

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