Super Duper – “Falling”

With the success of the collaborative project of Hudson Mohawke and Lunice, TNGHT, it seems like instrumental hip-hop/trip-hop trap has really taken off in popularity.  With that in mind, I came across producer Josh Hawkins of Brooklyn who has put out his own offering of instrumental hip-hop.

Hawkins goes by the name Super Duper, and the name is definitely fitting.  His EP release Momentary, is filled with lots of bleeps, synths, produced vocals, and drum machine, yet still managing to have that hip-hop vibe to it.  The epitome of Hawkin’s instrumental craft is the track “Falling.”  While clocking in at just under 3 minutes, it takes the listener for a ride through the world of Super Duper.  Part video game, and part hip-hop, it’s definitely interesting enough for multiple listens.

Super Duper is definitely ready to fill a musical niche, and is making some darn interesting music.  You can check out his EP here.

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