Abel – “Fire Walk With Me”

I’ve been hearing this track for the last couple months on the radio, and I totally dug it.  I never took the time trying to figure out who it was, until today.  Duh, it’s Abel, and it’s their new track entitled “Fire Walk With Me”.  I can’t believe it has taken me literally two months to figure that out.  Especially since I loved Abel’s last album Lesser Men.

Well, bonehead move aside, Abel is coming out with a brand new album.  It’s due out this Tuesday, September 18th, and it’s called Make It Right.  You can pick it up here on their Bandcamp page for only four bucks.  You even get immediate download of “Fire Walk With Me” and “Daughter” if you pre-order before the release date.

The first single off the album “Fire Walk With Me” is a doozy.  Featuring some chanting during the intro as the band sings, “The Devil wants to drag my soul down to the lake of fire.”  This is definitely an epic sounding track, but with the signature Abel sound.  The track  has some great lead guitar riffs in between verses, and the band continues to use the opposition of loud vs. quiet to help build momentum.  The band sounds a little more focused though, and almost a little bit darker.  As a whole, it seems like the band has really grown since their last release.

Lyrically, this is a very poignant song.  Focusing on doubt, self-reliance, and hypocrisy.  In the end, we are all in a battle whether we know it or not.  “It’s just years of this battle’s been pulling me into the flame.

I can’t wait until the new album comes out! Also, you can download the track right here.

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