Mmoths – “Over You”

I was looking through some Soundcloud pages today, as I kept coming across the name Mmoths. I finally decided I had to check out who this Mmoths guy was, and I am definitely glad I did.

Residing in the UK, Mmoths is an up and coming young producer, much in the same vein as Koreless.  Making simple, yet memorable electronic music.

Less is definitely more with the newest track he has loaded on his Soundcloud page.  Featuring only a few layers, “Over You,” really showcases Mmoths’ Ableton skills.  The track has a great feel to it, and has you hooked within the first 30 seconds.  With a great melody played on some 80’s sounding synths, and the kick drum coming in and out through the entire song, the build has you anticipating every move on the track.

The track is also going to be featured on an Annie Mac 2012 Compilation.  Way to go Mmoths, keep making rad music!

Perfect track for this laid back Friday night.

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