The Followers – “Overwhelmed”

A few years ago, I was listening to Ryan Adam’s album Heartbreaker, and thinking of how awesome it would be if someone made a worship album with an alt. country/folk feel.

Finally, my wish came true and I came across the album Wounded Healer by the Followers.  They call their current brew of worship filled with acoustic guitars, steel strings, ect. neo-gospel, and I have to say it is a very fitting.

When listening to the track “Overwhelmed”, I can’t help but be reminded of Graham Parsons.  It’s just has such an authentic, vintage feel to it.  With some steel strings accenting the flowing acoustic guitar, taking us back to a day when song-writing was more about personal experiences then selling records.  Reminding listeners that we all make mistakes, get lazy in our walks with God, and screw up, but Jesus is there to pick us back up as he overwhelms us with his undying long for us.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this album.  Oh, I forgot to mention, it’s free here.


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