Beach House Live at the Sunshine

Last Saturday I was so stoked that one of my favorite bands came through Albuquerque, and I got a chance to enjoy it with my wife.

Beach House and Wild Nothing have been making their way through America, and thankfully Albuquerque ended up being one of their stops when the played at the Sunshine Theater.

Wild Nothing started off the evening, as we finally made our way through the day, and I was definitely impressed.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I thought Wild Nothing was a one-man show.  Turned out he had a full band in tow, and played a lot of the new tunes that will be featured on the new Wild Nothing album that drops in August.  If the show was any indicator, then we have a lot to look forward to when Nocturne comes out.

Later, Beach House came out.  Not well light up, looking very vague and dreamy, much like their signature laid back beach pop sound.  Alex Scally seemed mad genius as he played electric guitar while operating keyboard/laptop/couldn’t tell because I was so far away, as Victoria Legrand banged away on her organ and belted out all of their hits, and then some.  It was very easy to lose yourself in the chilled out songs, as the band played for a good hour and a half.

One of the highlights for me was when they played “Myth” off their new album Bloom, and when “Irene” was played during the encore.  All in all it was an amazing show, and I left with a much larger appreciation for the band and everything they do.  Just the fact that they could effortlessly play all of the intricate songs they’ve written in the studios in a live setting was enough for me to be sold.

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