Loud Harp – “Hold Me Together”

Driving on my way to middle school ministry this Tuesday I was browsing through my Newly Added playlist on my iPod, when I remembered I had downloaded the newest release on Come&Live, a self-titled release by the band Loud Harp.

I hit play on the first track, “Hold Me Together”.  It started off slow and unassuming, I was kind of half listening to the lyrics.  The first chorus hit, still moving slow, but I’m already loving the words about how God holds us together.  By the time the second chorus hit, I’m singing along, so by the time the third chorus hits I am full on worshiping with the band.  Singing at the top of my lungs, and this is the first time I had ever heard the song before.  I was so moved that first thing when I pulled up at church I had to play it for my friend Eric.

What an amazing song.  It has quite possibly one of the best build-ups I’ve ever heard in a worship song.  It also is one of the most heart felt worship songs I’ve ever heard.  All of the different elements of the band working together, in perfect harmony.  These guys are definitely giving their best to God, and quite obviously being used by him by the likes of this song.

If you haven’t downloaded this free album yet, then you have to do it right now!  Here’s the link.  Do yourself a favor, and be blessed by this amazing album.

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