Tongue&Pen – “Rescue”

A few weeks ago, an EP from the band Tongue&Pen popped up on Come&live.  So of course I had to download and check it out.  I was not disappointed in the least.

The EP was entitled The Likeness EP, and it featured three brand new awesome worship tracks, continuing to push the envelope of what worship is.  Further reminding us that worship is not a style of music, but instead is a response to a loving God who sent his Son to die on the Cross for our sins.  A God who loves us despite all of the awful things that we have done, and our depraved condition.  That is exactly what this EP is all about.

The first track on the EP “Rescue” is a call for God to save us.  Something that we are all in desperate need of.  Leaning to some of the indie tinged music of my leaning to, “Rescue” is packed full of contemplative guitar riffs, and build-up to a pleading, heartfelt chorus.  Something that really makes this song stick out though is it’s breakdown towards the end of the song reminding of some sort of neo-revival lead by electric guitars instead of banjos with an honest prayer straight from the heart of the band.

Thanks for the honesty guys, and keep serving Him!

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