Josh Garrels – “White Owl”

Hailing from Portland, Oregon is folk singer Josh Garrels.  This past year he was giving away his most recent album Love & War  & the Sea in Between.  In fact, according to his Facebook page, he gave away more 125,000 copies of the album.  In a day an age of corporate greed and famous people blowing money like it’s going out of style, it’s nice to see someone being so generous as to give his art away.  Even more important, it turns out that Love & War  & the Sea in Between is a great album.

Relying upon his music to speak for him, Garrels takes a simplistic approach to his craft, and the result is some beautiful, acoustic tinged, symphonic folk.  Without relying upon the production techniques that many new folk acts have been using, Garrels puts an emphasis on what it is he is trying to get across through his songs.

Such is the case with the stand out track from the album entitled “White Owl.”  With the accompaniment of some strings and horns to his guitar finger picking, “White Owl” is the perfect canvas for Garrels’ falsetto to take over as he sings about going out into the world to do God’s work.  This is a song reminiscent of pop songs from the past, channeling some Sergeant Pepper era Beatles, and even some Nick Drake.  Reminding us that a great pop song can have some creativity and thought put into it when worked by a musical craftsman, and Josh Garrels is exactly that.

You can download the track  for free via the Soundcloud below, then make sure to check out his entire album on his Bandcamp page right here.

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