Tanlines – “Brothers”

I’ve been listening to a few new albums the last few days via Spotify, and one that has really stood out has been Tanlines first full length album Mixed Emotions.

Consisting of two veterans to the indie rock scene (Jesse Cohn and Eric Emm), Tanlines has put out one of the best electro-pop albums of the year.  Already featured on Sterogum’s “Top 25 of the Year So Far”, it’s filled with super catchy tunes that you could dance or run to, but with a healthy dose of intelligence and hipness.  This album is filled with plenty to love.

The opening track on the album is entitled “Brothers”, and is definitely one of the stand outs on the album.  With a funky electro vibe, it is very apparent that Tanlines knows exactly what they are doing in the studio.  It seems apparent that lots of thought has gone into every note of “Brothers”, with some beautiful texturing of layers from a nice guitar hook, to the synthesizers, and summer sounding beat.  Not to mention the slow and subtle build to the highlight  towards the end.

The vocals and lyrics are also no after thought on “Brothers.”  I wonder if the song is about a strained relationship between brothers, with one making some life-altering mistakes.  “Change my mind, make mistakes, and put it past them.”  Sometimes all you really can do when you mess up is put it behind you, ask God for forgiveness and move on.


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