Life Between Sleep – “The Dynamic of Brothers”

I came across the band Life Between Sleep a few weeks via Twitter.  Their new EP The Dynamic of Brothers has been streaming on their Bandcamp page here, and it is a throwback to some of the great post-hardcore music circa 2003.  Reminding me of Circa Survive, Dead Poetic, and even some of the earlier Underoath stuff.

One of my favorite tracks carries the same name as the EP, “The Dynamic of Brothers.”  It really focuses on the contrast of quiet and loud, as made famous by bands like Thrice and Thursday, but there’s nothing like building up to a crescendo moment in a song.  Then really letting the listener have it.  Once you’ve invested 2 minutes into the track, there’s no turning back as the drums and bass take “The Dynamic of Brothers” to another level, yet still keeping it dark.

The lyrics continue with the dark theme, as their lead singer pleads with someone about messing up  and how,” I’ll never let you down again.”  Something we can all relate to, as selfishness can so easily overtake us, and lead to us disappointing others.

This is a great track, and I can’t wait to hear some more from these guys.

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