Anchor & Braille – “Summer Tongues”

Both Anberlin and Copeland were two bands that I have definitely enjoyed over the last eight years or so.  Giving us solid music with a hint of Christianity.  I was super excited to find out that the lead singer of Anberlin (Stephen Christian), Aaron Marsh of Copeland, and Micah Tawlks came together to put out an album.  Recording under the moniker Anchor & Braille.

What ensued, the album entitled Felt, was definitely different from anything that Anberlin had ever put out.  Coming a little bit closer to some of the lighter and more melodic moments of Copeland.  However, it was still it’s own beast.  Very subdued, personal vocals, no electric guitar, light keyboard, and some more symphonic elements.

With some great tracks, one of the standouts is called “Summer Tongues.”  A very laid back acoustic track, relying upon a simple piano riff with some ornate, complex orchestration.  Especially towards the end, as the layers build with a horn section knocking this song out of the park.  It’s also great to hear Stephen Christian almost stripped bear, without all of the rock band behind him.  Showing how talented he is not only at singing, but also in his song writing.

If you get a chance definitely check these guys out.

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