Teen Daze – “Treten”

After what seemed like the world’s longest wait (Especially since those of us waiting for the digital download had to wait an extra week) Teen Daze’s first full-length LP All Of Us, Together finally came out.  And let me tell you, it was worth it.

Having come a long way from the “Chill Wave” that Teen Daze helped to define with his EP Four More Years, All Of Us, Together shows a more mature Jamison.  Building bigger atmosphere, and developing even more ideas, he has obviously become a master of the synthesizer.  Never losing that personality that helped define many of his early tracks and remixes.

“Treten” is a fantastic beginning to the album, reminding us all that summer is here.  Perfect for a night drive, filled with some groovable bass, and warm synth swirling through your head.  Simplified with not too many layers, and showing a great understanding of building an atmosphere.

Great song, and great reason to go out and download All of Us, Together.

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