The Parish of Little Clifton – “Your Smile Unfolds”

As of late, I have been listening to a ton of The Parish of Little Clifton.  Might be because my son is obsessed with “It’s Okay, Roseanne” (he calls it the Easel Easel Nadge song) and “Firework Mirror” (He calls it the Fireworks song).

Regardless of this Simon Bridgefoot, the man behind The Parish of Little Clifton, makes some excellent electronic tunes.  In the same vain as Teen Daze, he has really put some very creative music.  Mastering the use of a sample mixed with a totally chilled out beat.

His latest track just released on Cultus Vibes for free here, is another great example of why you should be listening to the Parish of Little Clifton.  Built around what appears  a nice Jazz/R&B sample, paired with some nice synth, that’s not to out there but that really compliments the song.

One sample states, “I’m on a Sunday High.”  I couldn’t imagine a better song to get my Sunday going.

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