Love Is… – “Grace”

Came across yet another great worship band via Come&Live.  I’m really hoping that all this new “indie” worship is going to be the next thing being played in churches, introducing new people to Christian music who thought that Christian music had to be boring or formulated.

The band Love Is… is definitely the opposite of boring and formulated.  They have just released their Shelter EP, and it is stellar.  Hailing from Chico, California these guys are really making some great music that honors God.

One of the standout tracks on the EP is entitled “Grace”.  It really reminds me a lot of Mae and Number One Gun.  Electric guitars pulsing with lead singer Brett Miller’s tenor asking for,”… God’s Grace to fall down.”  Then I love the breakdown at the very end of the song, really building the atmosphere along with some pleading with God.

This truly is a great song.  Shelter EP will be getting some heavy rotation on my iPod.  Thanks for even more fresh worship Love Is..

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