Teen Daze – “The Harvest”

Have you ever read a book and felt so moved that you felt the need to write a soundtrack for it?  Well, electronic whiz Teen Daze did exactly that.  In case you aren’t familiar with Teen Daze then click here.  He even has a new album coming out on the new May 22, has created some amazing remixes, and writes incredibly creative, original, electronic/chillwave music.

Back to the subject at hand, Teen Daze  had read the  book Out of the Silent Plant by C.S. Lewis on a trip in Switzerland.  He was so moved by the part of the book where the main character, Dr. Ransom first encounters a completely new world called Malacandra.  Teen Daze had literally taken these words from Lewis, and painted a picture of this undiscovered, fictional world with music.  This album, entitled A Silent Planet, encouraged me to read the book as I was so mesmerized by the album.

One of my favorite tracks of the album is called “The Harvest.”  Teen Daze really shows off his skills as a composer and a multi-instrumentalist as the track really sings with beautifully plucked guitars, soft vocals, and an atmospheric electronic background.  I’m pretty sure this song was inspired by the hrossa, a type of species/people living on Malacandra that the main character spends a good deal of time with.

Whether you’ve read the book or not, you have to check out this track.


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