Least of These – “Grace”

Was doing my weekly Tuesday check of new music on Come&Live, and came across an E.P. from Least of These.  Couldn’t find a whole lot of info about them besides the fact that they are from Texas.  Well apparently David Crowder* Band is not the only amazing worship coming out of Texas.

I just love any type of worship that sounds fresh, and the track “Grace,” from the More Than Conquerors E.P. certainly fits the bill.  Reminding of worship heroes Ascend the Hill, “Grace,” is a true standout.  I love the chorus, “Oh Grace has washed my transgressions away!”  Especially, towards the end of the track when the band really starts to rock.  It’s like a plea to the world to simply trust in God.

You can really hear the passion in this song.  With vocals filled with desperation, to guitars shifting gears from a grunge type guitar lick to  a soaring solo.  The rhythm section also does a great job of helping the song to swell, really helping to get the songs point across.  Quite simply, God’s Grace is amazing!

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