Passion Pit – “Take a Walk”

If you’re like me, then Passion Pit’s last album Manners was on heavy repeat on your iPod.  I just couldn’t get enough.  Didn’t matter if I was running, driving in my car, sitting at work, I just loved listening to the album from track 1 to track 11.  The other day I was wondering if they were going to ever release another album, and sure enough it’s on it’s way.

The new album Gossamer is due to be released on July 24, and it won’t be a moment to soon.  You can track out the new track on Passion Pit’s website.  It’s called “Take a Walk,” and I promise it won’t disappoint.

While the new track definitely sounds like Passion Pit, it almost has a more organic/indie rock type of feel.  Perhaps it’s due to touring with Death Cab for Cutie, or just a result of adding a full band for the tour.  Regardless it’s a great track, and lots of fun to listen to.  I can’t wait to put the entire album on my iPod so I can play it over and over.


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