Canopy Climbers – “Painting”

With their debut album appropriately titled Distance, friends Cory Nelson, Alan Thomas and Nathan Miller have truly put together some infectious electronic indie pop.  What might be the most impressive is that they completed the project while living in three different cities.  Sending bits and pieces to each other over the internet a la The Postal Service until the album was complete.The finished project sounds anything but disjointed, as Canopy Climbers really manage to pull off this amazing feat of songwriting/producing.

Of the numerous quality tracks on the album “Painting” is a true stand out.  Beginning with a simple keyboard riff and some glitchy beat reminiscent of Radiohead, the song slowly builds into a nice indie pop feel by the time the rhythm section joins in.  This only continues to get better with the chorus, as the guys really show the prowess for crafting a real pop gym.

“Am I wasting time thinking everything that I will forgot about?  Am I simply lost in the corner of my mind, will I make it out?” is crooned  throughout the choruses making the listener wonder what exactly is going through the singers head, and what it is he’s dealing with.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, well it turns out you can download a sample of the album Distances right here.  So what are you waiting for, hurry up and check out Canopy Climbers.


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