Matthew Reed – “Emmanuel”

I was browsing through some highlights on Noisetrade, when I came across worship leader Matthew Reed, who was giving away his free E.P. Come and Drink.  I was pleasantly surprised after I had loaded my free download into my iTunes library.

Of the six different tracks featured on the E.P., all have a different feel.  With a bit of a newer Phil Wickham type of feel with the first track “Awake, Awake.”  Some great use of subtle electronics and some great production is definitely present throughout the E.P.  There is also a nice acoustic vibe going on.

My favorite track on the E.P. though is “Emmanuel.”  With a simple acoustic guitar and piano, this is a really beautiful song about how God really is with us no matter what we have going on in our lives.  The simplicity of the song really let’s Matthew’s voice shine, as well as the amazing message of the song.

If you’re looking for some fresh, honest worship, check out this album here.

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