Ives- “The Joker”

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve posted, but I was out of town celebrating Easter with my family in a place with no internet access.

FYI, I am now 3 weeks into my 30 Day Challenge.  Come next week I will officially be done just in time for the second weekend of Coachella.  As a whole though, the challenge has definitely been a positive experience, which has helped me to grow in my relationship with Christ.  I would certainly recommend it.

Today’s post is from the band Ives.  Originally from San Diego, they had spent some time living here in Albuquerque  when I caught these guys opening for Glorious Unseen and Jars for Clay.  I was impressed with both their musicianship and songwriting skills.  They almost remind me of fun./The Format.  Either way they make fun, catchy, indie pop as shown on their album The Incredible Story of Mr. Birch.

The song, “The Joker” is a great example of Ives and their talent.  Starting off with a simple piano riff, with some interesting percussion until the rest of the band comes in.  Then the song really takes off, as all members of the band shine with their given instruments as the song really starts to rock.  By the breakdown, you’ll be singing along with the oh’s, and will probably be a fan of Ives.

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