David Crowder* Band- “God Have Mercy”

When I found out that David Crowder* Band was ceasing to make music, I was heartbroken.  Here, the band who I first started listening to when I was first saved was going to no longer be putting out albums.  Just as they had really began taking some risks as artists with Church Music.  Really adding an electronic element to a lot of their songs, while still holding onto the bluegrass/folk/pop/rock/whatever makes Crowder* Band so great.

Then something hit me.  They’re still putting out one more album, and what a great album Give Us Rest or (a requiem mass in c, the happiest of all keys). turned out to be.  David Crowder* Band continued to show their growth as artists, while still remaining true to making music that honors God and relates to those seeking after a personal relationship with Christ.

While there are a lot of great tracks on this album, I think my favorite is “God Have Mercy.”  With plenty of the acoustic guitars that made them famous, “God Have Mercy” also incorporates a lot of the new elements that have helped David Crowder* Band stand out from their CCM counterparts.  Including some dark synthesizers, voice distortion, ect.  This track also shows the bands uncanny knack for an amazing build-up to the peak of a song.  Something it seems they’ve learned from electronic acts like M83.

Point being, if you like quality,creative music, Christian or not, you need to check out the latest David Crowder* Band album.

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